Elevador de Sta Justa

Image processing is a pain. The old days you'd had to deal with the chemistry, the temperature, the paper, the darkness, etc... etc.. all of these things were costly and a mistake implied the loss of work, or even worse... the loss of the precious negative... The master of all masters... the imprint of your eyes (and soul) imagination. But now... with digital cameras, the process of Sex O Shoping1 is even more painful in certains ways. Obviously you don't loose your masters (if you are careful to make copies), but I don't feel that sitting in front of a computer for 2 hours Sex O Shoping a "digital negative" is what I want to do in photography. I want to capture things, not create them in digital... Although I take pictures in Raw mode, I find myself more and more using plain vanilla jpgs (with all the loss they have) and in camera BW conversion / processing. At my age (and not living from photography in anyway) I just don't have the time to be sitting in front a computer screen. That is what I already have to do to put money in my pocket.

1 - this expression isn't mine, but I don't remember where I first read it.