Today we went for a drive of our new car and also to get some sun so we could do some photos... Curiously I've been using my small Canon G5 more and more. The benefits of a compact camera are huge when one wants to go unnoticed. And even if the G5 doesn't hold by todays requirements for a small camera, it still produces great results (but not stellar).

The IQ is good enough for having this fun with photography without worrying about gear, lenses, or what ever. I shoot the G5 in jpeg mode and with in camera BW conversion. I don't really need anything else.

I'll shock some by saying this heretic words, but for what I want to get out of this camera shooting RAW is like having a F1 team of mechanics to change the oil on your comute car. You are just over-thinking the techniques and the gear and not focusing on the photography.

And this resumes something I've been thinking about my own photography. Every time I feel that the DSLR is staying more and more at home. I don't have the time to play with it. It's big, heavy and I do like to be inconspicuous. Probably I'll buy a new compact camera some time down the road. Maybe when the G5 finally dies in my hands. I'f it was today I'd probably buy a Olympys EP-2 with a Pany 20mm or a Canon S90 and shoot with it for several years. They are small cameras with great quality that can give you as a photographer the tool to take the picture at that precise moment. That's all I'd need.

Hm... Could I finance a new camera with the lenses that I have?