Feels Like Summer

The weather was a little better today in Lagos. We took the opportunity to lunch in the "Marajá de Lagos" (an indian food restaurant) that his very famous. We were the only ones there as result of the late hour we went to lunch. Then we took the time to go to our favorite beach, Porto de Mós. It is one of the most beautiful beaches we've been in (when not overcrowded). A coffee in António's and back home to grade some exams and surf the interwebs... Tomorrow we'll head back to Lisbon as the extended weekend comes to an end...

This photo was taken with the AF Nikkor 50mm f1.8 at f8 as this is probably the sweet spot for this lens. At this aperture everything is crisp sharp. This is without a doubt the most well misunderstood little gem in the Nikon lens lineup. I also brought the Sigma 10-20 that I've used in Lagos Town Hall, but it's not as sharp as the 50mm. The more I use the 50mm the more I love it and I'll soon have to say goodbye to hit. Maybe I'll go for an f1.4 then... Hm.. maybe.