Can a 73 year old camera deliver good shots?

Lisbon North from Penha de França Today I got some 120 slide film developed that I took with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar from 1939 and for my surprise half of the shots are..., well... OK. This is probably the one I like the most from the 8 I scanned. Although digital is totally mainstream and the way to move forward, film (specially in medium format) is fabulous and the level of detail that you get from your scanned negatives/slides is still unmatched by digital. What I found about this Nettar is that I can't really use it any more as it isn't light sealed and some (half) of the shot are heavily damaged. I really need to find me a good 645 (or maybe a 6x6 to replace my Flexaret VI) camera that doesn't weight a ton and doesn't break the bank (maybe a Bronica ETRS, though these babies usually in very low condition). I'll post a few photos of this roll in the next days.